Thursday, November 11, 2010

And life goes on...

This week has been a week to remember.  Yesterday at work a Veteran came in to pick up a wreath we had displayed in the front window.  He was just like every other grandpa you see, except for his hat, "1944, Survivor of Juno Beach".  It looked like the typical American Eagle hat; in fact I had made a double-take to read it properly... and the other distinguishing feature, that again, required a double-take.  From the tip of his nose, to his lightly pink lips, the scar was barely visible.  A scar the size of a baseball, one time mangled, now healed and barely there.

Juno Beach


 They fought with their weapons, their hearts, and their loyalty.  Now it is our turn.  We need to fight with our hearts, our love, and our dedication to the future.  Doing something right doesn't feel good -- it actually feels great.  Do your best.  Others will follow.   

  And lets not forget, the military inspired fashion this fall... a time to wear red confidently!  My personal favourite is Number 1.  I love the clean classic look. 

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