Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Resolutions

I'm not really a fan of New Years Resolutions.  If you are going to quit, change, or start something new why wait until one day a year to try it?  And really, how many of you can say you have successfully kept a New Years Resolution?  I know I haven't.  I think its better to try something new when it feels right for you.  Don't try to quit smoking if you really love it; think about all those thin gorgeous French women, the ones from France.  They eat cheese, and bread, and sweets, and drink wine, and smoke cigarettes and are beautiful and happy.  They love their life.  So this year do not listen to the pressures of society, you do what you want, and keep those dirty habits until you are ready to quit.  (I am not supporting smoking, I don't smoke, its gross).

Play your video games guilt free my love, I will be in the bathtub with a book.

I've been thinking of taking up sewing again.  I used to love drawing and designing clothes, more often for a Doll than human, but that was more a lack of supply of fabric than anything else.  Now that I can set up my own studio-like room, I am so excited to fill the cupboards.  I have been drawn to the Steampunk style of clothing, and since the most unique aspect is the antique clock or watch parts, I can search for parts while Tower and I visit the many, many local flea markets.  It's amazing how easy it is to find exactly what you have been looking for your whole life if you just take the time and ask the right beer-bellied vendor. You want your vendor to look exactly like this man:

He should have his eyes open, but it's not necessary; the bottom lip does need to be less... droopy?

Old men that look like they spent their life on a bike, in a truck, or at a dump are the best to buy from.  They have everything you want, and don't really care the price it goes for, just as long as they don't have to worry about it anymore.

Tower started me on this crave of creating Steampunk.  He wanted to make Steampunk jewelry; so we went to a flea market, and bought a bag filled with every loose part imaginable.  He lost his desire after a couple months so now I am taking over.

I shouldn't lie, this UK Designer has played a role in my steampunk decision.

Another great designer is Elena Sanders.  Although her work is less functional and more decorative.  Great for a photo shoot.

I would wear something similar to this at a Christmas or New Years Party.  I love the puff of Tulle on the back.

Get ready for my version of Steampunk clothing!