Monday, February 28, 2011


I`ve been here, for almost 11 months now.  A full year in March.  I finished my second dose of post-secondary education in April, and started my venture to begin a career.  First off, where did all the jobs go lol.  I know that is a running theme right now, but seriously, when we moved here there were at least 10 jobs in the newspaper for Child and Youth Workers in group homes.  As soon as I was ready to find a job, they disappeared; and never returned.

My answer?  Because this door has shut and the one I used to peer through as a child exists again.  The creativity that once flourished, but was stopped for a career.  I didn't realize my love could be my career.  I thought about it when I was in high school.  Could I go to school for fashion?  Could I really be a designer?  But, if you never consider the unknown, the road you follow is familiar, its nice.  But, what if?  Just what if you do that unknown?  What if you jump in with both feet.  Is it scary... not unless you make it scary.  It's exhilarating.  Instead of wanting to spend my extra money on a new clothes and shoes like I used it, I want find myself wanting to spend my money on supplies.  Supplies to bring my next vision to reality.  Mind you, I'm only one dress down, but the second was started as the first was being finished.  It's so hard not to want to jump into next week and see how things are going.