Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Little Poem

In quiet contemplation
I sit and wonder
Is this the reality
I've fallen into? 

Days become weeks
Weeks become months
Hours pass like fall leaves

Are hopes and dreams
Only a vision?
Do visions only become reality?
I often feel that there is a right path to follow.  An open existence is one that needs to be carefully navigated. In a world where there are infinite possibilities, when you comes to a fork in the road, is it possible to pick more than one existence at once? 

Sometimes when you are thinking about the future, ideas of what can happen will float into mind, giving the possibility of multiple futures.  Usually the right idea of what's to come will flow to you like magnets attracting to each other in a line.  

Sometimes- and quite often- the path chosen- or paths chosen- will lead to the same end result. 
When I was a small child I used to write like this all the time.  My favourite books to read were the choose your own adventure books.  I loved using this old typewriter I had, although editing wasn't the easiest.  I stopped writing when I was entering puberty, I think I got a little boy crazy- like most girls.  I would write down poems, ideas, and thoughts that I had- and kept most of them- until recently.  From what I remember, most of what I wrote about was life and death, energy, incarnation, and just general thoughts and ideas.  I, unfortunately (or fortunately) threw them all out.  Since I've moved in with my mother they have been coming back to me- but in a more adult mindset, with a better set of linguistics attached.  It's like rediscovering who I am and was my whole life.  My mother had always told me not to write down anything I didn't was other people to read.  Although I am a very private person, I sometimes need to write, and sometimes these ideas can be shared, with the right people, at the right time.  
Bjork - Hyperballad 

I started listening to Bjork in high school- this song somehow makes me feel safe. 

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